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Exodus 31 Tradies

Purpose-driven business changing culture in the construction industry.

Our Mission

Exodus 31 Tradies is a charitable mission which seeks to influence the construction industry in values and practices, by giving opportunity for connection, education, work partnership and global building projects that reflect God’s kingdom. 

Why Exodus 31?

Exodus 31 Tradies was created to provide a platform where like minded people could journey and out work their talents for the greater good.

We work with the not for profit sector to provide practical support to equip their organisations with facilities so they in turn can serve the local communities they are reaching.

How do we do this?

Exodus 31 will identify in conjunction with Global Development Group projects that would like practical support.  We will then facilitate teams to go and support the project in their area of need. During our projects we endeavor to work with local tradies from the project region to share skills and culture.  Each team will need to help with funding by donating to Exodus 31 Tradies.  (this is tax deductible)

How can you get involved?


Exodus 31 Tradies encourage business and individuals to give a portion of time each year to work free of charge for NGO’s. This time may involve travel overseas, funds towards the current project and preparation/planning time.


Tradies or individuals who are interested in what Exodus 31 Tradies do can support projects by donating, fundraising or joining a team.

Industry Suppliers

Exodus 31 Tradies wishes to partner with suppliers who are interest in “doing good, by doing good”. This means suppliers can sponsor a project by either supplying resources or funding. Support would be then included on the website for this project. Exodus 31 Tradies are also looking for ongoing sponsorship that will gain permanent advertising and recognition as an official partner of Exodus 31 Tradies.


Exodus 31 Tradies would like to partner with organisations from within and outside the construction industry. Supporting organisations will receive updates about up and coming projects, reports from completed projects and information about current Exodus 31 Tradies.

Past Projects

Bloom Asia (Cebu, Philippines)

We were leaders of a team (from Gateway Baptist Church) to Cebu last year to set up a new training centre and cafe for at risk young women.

This was a three week, 7 days a week, 12 hours a day trip to take the building from an old shop/office area to a fully functioning training centre and cafe.

If you would like to know more about this wonderful organisation or would like to offer financial support their ongoing work, please visit their website: http://bloom-asia.org

Bloom House Flip Toowoomba

As part of our mission, our staff and ourselves spent many weekends and some week time helping to complete a “House Flip” to fundraise for the Bloom Asia Cebu Project.

This project was all volunteer work (from many tradies) and most of the materials were donated by people and business in the local community.

Please see the Facebook page “Bloom House Flip” for more information.

African Hearts

African Hearts is a wonderful organisation that is located in Uganda, Africa.

We had the privilege of being able to help sponsor the “Village of Hope” project that they are working on currently and also were able to visit this project during 2016.

If you would like to know more about this wonderful organisation or would like to financial support their ongoing work, please visit their website: http://www.africanheartsaustralia.com.au

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