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We're building a new Early Learning Centre in Asia

In 2023, we are supporting the launch of the Bloom Early Childhood Learning Centre. With your support children will be able to access early learning while their parents are working. Bloom Early Learning Centre is an Exodus 31 Tradies (Drew Built’s Social Impact Arm) project which is supporting a team going over to Asia to build the centre. During this project, we endeavour to work with local tradies from the project region to share skills and support the local economy. The team will need help with funding to be part of getting this life changing opportunity off the ground. You can help by donating to Exodus 31 Tradies. (This is tax deductible) We are looking at a mid-year trip to have enable the centre to be open for the last term of the year.

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Girls like Sophea will be free to continue their healing journeys at Bloom. Learning, working and growing each day. And their children will be safe, nourished and protected. Never facing the vulnerabilities and risks their mums endured – ultimately breaking the cycle of exploitation.

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